hunger breeds discontentment, and agricultural production is closely related with people’s daily life. China is a traditional agricultural development in the country, the sale of agricultural and sideline products is essential. In the 50s and 60s of last century, fill the belly to become the people’s greatest desire, at that time the economy belongs to the seller’s market, as long as some production, and some sell. Today, after entering the new century, people’s living standard is increasing, with the gradual penetration of electronic products, people are accustomed to using the Internet at home, to satisfy their own desires. Shopping, shopping, making friends, and even education, the Internet into all aspects of people’s lives. In terms of foreign markets, the network marketing of agricultural and sideline products has been quite mature, while the country has just started, the use of e-commerce for the sale of agricultural products, is the trend of the development of this era.

some people compared the network marketing of agricultural products as "mouse to increase cabbage", and the use of the Internet to sell, trade, management, management of a new type of marketing.

so, why do we say that the network marketing of agricultural products is a trend and trend? The answer is three.

first of all, from the background of information domestic, agricultural informatization in domestic development, in mid 80s, China set up the information center of the Ministry of agriculture, then set up "Chinese agricultural information network, and in the form of DDN and the Internet to connect, the scale has been issued, and more than and 30 provinces in Agriculture Department of networking, direct access to this network system of production and management of more than three thousand users. In addition, such as to five hot industry independent agricultural and sideline products website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain to grow, there have been more than 1000, according to the relevant data show that the normal business accounted for the total number of seventy percent. For those underdeveloped areas, with the extension of the information network to the grassroots, the application of the Internet has begun to spread up.

on the second, agricultural and sideline products itself, now is the information society, the so-called information flying era, the real success of those who can smell the fresh information, capture useful information, even in agriculture. In recent years, agricultural and sideline products rely on the information started to increase, this is why? In fact, the reason is because the goods of agricultural and sideline products, raise the living standard of the farmers produce food for sale and the sale of most, you need to market, the market changes affect farmers’ grain production. This has led to a growing demand for information for food suppliers, so the dependence on the market has become larger.

finally, international background, trade globalization makes the production service object is no longer confined to the home, but looking at the world, at present, China’s export volume of livestock products is relatively large, has a comparative advantage in the international market, which requires marketers to use modern information technology to international standards, and the agricultural products marketing play the most incisive.

we have just analyzed the background of agricultural and sideline products sales network, then the promotion of network sales, marketing for the sake of what