from the B2B e-commerce platform website first to electronic account financial settlement, and then to today’s infighting network marketing, network marketing in our world with its amazing development speed. In recent years, e-commerce market scale with annual doubling the speed of development and expansion, the corresponding term network marketing is more and more rise is well known, the development of rapid development and popularization of the network in the end how, it will be a big question every network marketing workers. Therefore, we ask the CEO of science and technology, the network manager Beaulieu brand founder Mr. He Yong. Mr. He Yong believes in the future development trend of network marketing for us.

a search engine gradually weakened

e-commerce market is very rapid development, the main driving force of network marketing or search engine, with multiple applications of search engine, search engine marketing in China will move towards a more profound, more professional direction, and the search engine competition structure also changed along with the market competition. He Yong mentioned: the development trend of China’s search engine, including the application level to enhance, expand the scope of application, the depth of application to increase the competitive structure of multi. At the same time, the industrialization of search engine marketing may develop into a relatively complete network marketing branch, will also generate more relevant market opportunities.

but with the development of the whole industry, the search engine will gradually be reduced to a pivot and lever of network marketing, although the role of diversification is applied and explored, but the mainstream mode will be weakened. Because of the fierce competition with the industry, has great limitations in the search engine, such as Baidu in the two years before the promotion of the taxi company home page only two, but now the home has almost filled… Search engine’s limitations determines the value of the degree of need to be expanded and diversified development.

two, integrated marketing content continues to expand

was 08 years, a lot of people about the concept of network marketing exists only in Baidu, Google and other search engines, but with the network marketing research and industry experience of the parties, a variety of marketing tools to emerge in an endless stream, so now I have a concept of SEO and SEM. He Yong said: in 08 years, we do not pan long science and technology, put forward the concept of the housekeeper, most do more for SEO, to update the site information, do optimization. But now it is different, the network product updates, any value may become a new network marketing by gap, so the integration of network marketing concept SEM will carry out, so we immediately founded in Butler, Butler proposed the concept of network marketing.

a few years ago, micro-blog has not heard, but now has become a mainstream means of network marketing, and constantly create and expand the value of space, so, as long as the network products constantly updated, there is SEM network marketing continues to expand, the concept of network Housekeeper will be more and more.