recently began to get involved in the field of WAP networks for love ", with the mobile phone search. This reminds me of GOOGLE before is to enter the mobile phone market put up a pageantry of the scene.

mobile phone has become an essential technology in our lives, many people can not do without the phone. If you forget to bring a cell phone, some people will feel empty heart, showing the importance of mobile phones. At present, China has 520 million mobile phone users, this figure is much larger than the Internet users. According to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) has just released the twenty-first China Internet development statistics report, as of December 31, 2007, the number of mobile phone users in China is 50 million 400 thousand.

is precisely because of the above data, resulting in numerous people to become a pioneer in this field, of course, there are lots of people have become martyrs. Here, we have fallen to those martyrs three minutes of silence.

well, three minutes later. Then go to the next step.

I personally think that

involved in WAP, and firmly grasp is the "love network" the only way to win. Because life involves all aspects, people will not always stay in one place.

if only love to help network transported in the Internet, no doubt what has no advantage at all, although the concept of "love network" more attractive. He is currently the only advantage is the industry leader, but in the "search": Baidu, Google (Google), and other sites are already trying to cool, and have achieved certain results, so his leading industry is not very reliable.

to launch WAP mobile phone search service networks for love have a deeper understanding of the UT through the GPRS mobile phone browser home. In the mobile phone net love a band interface, select the city in the directory, and then enter the specific location, and then select the desired service life, can be found in the vicinity of related businesses. The results of the search contains the basic business information, traffic routes, comments and other information users. To tell the truth: product design more humane, very good.

compared with the Internet, the phone has a wider user base, easy to carry, high penetration rate, for carrying the function of life search is not much problem. When there is no condition to log on the Internet, the search through the phone related information is undoubtedly a very good choice.

looked at the net love a band, reminds me of the China Telecom’s "know-all number 118114", when he started doing is rash and too much in haste. Perhaps because of the common problems of large enterprises, the current project is not so good to imagine, at least that site is not how.

in order to avoid the net love a band from pioneer to become martyrs, I recommend this case to study "telecommunications", in fact you almost model. There is to >