a lot of small and medium enterprises are not good at online marketing and access to business, and in the face of more than 400 million of the network market, do not get involved in a pity. In addition to the electronic commerce platform has the strength of the enterprise architecture of fast belongs to own, small and medium enterprise is in the network through certain techniques and skills, business, and effect is good, the company had mintshine, is this kind of mode and method, a year for the company to contribute to the performance of 100W-150W.

in general, small and medium-sized enterprises in a business network, there are several ways: Q & a class reputation promotion, industry promotion, business platform platform promotion, industry promotion, local community forum community forum to promote the five methods, if have their own electronic commerce department, you can easily complete the.


will do series of articles in the promotion methods. The first question is kind of promotion, one might ask, why is the question class reputation promotion is the first? Mintshine explain here, ask class reputation promotion very direct help customers solve concerns that demand and psychological effect, the effect is very direct, the customer conversion rate is very high, as is the most important carrier of the core.

The following

mintshine say how to do the quiz promotion


a, Q & a word of mouth promotion

1 ready target keywords, mining and the development of the long tail keywords, extending the target keywords (mainly from the perspective of customer demand to dig, the long tail key words and other reaction is the customer needs)





2 to prepare hundreds of questions, mainly for customer needs and customer habits of search behavior problems (including positive questions and negative questions, which is able to bring users directly)

3 combines the target keywords and long tail keywords and customer demand answers, combined into question and answer quiz promotion standards, and released the platform in question and answer questions, until your search results are accounted for, or reach a certain number (this is the answer word of mouth)

asked the answer and confluence of legend:


4 operating process: Baidu know as an example


5 do a single record, easy to query, such as: Top paste, URL, effective, invalid, etc.. The following figure:


6 promotion channels:

a. Baidu know: http://s.zhidao.baidu.com/

B. Tianya Q & A: http://s.wenda>