Abstract: capital is the blood of start-up companies. Capital flow is broken, and then the ambitious goal is not possible. When the start-up company encountered difficulties in financing, rather than complain that this is due to the capital of the winter, it is better to reflect on why their products on the capital market is not attractive.


New Year approaching, back to 2015, how many startups can still see Ma said good name, died yesterday…… Although the failure of the work has defects and regret, but their death note is still worth sharing with entrepreneurs. In a widely circulated "death list" on the East China O2O project, there are 6 companies more typical, they have confidence, I want to change the world, but the cruel reality, these once hot companies did not survive in 2015 for various reasons. What other startups can learn from their deaths,


Quirky: Die of the product is not extreme!

In 2009

released Quirky is a platform for innovation, people can vote for their love of the idea, the Quirky community weekly will select all products from the current creative a week submitted by a submitter and put it into reality, creativity has become the inventor of the product.

cause of death:

many products do not have the profit space, for example, the company spent $400 thousand to develop a Bluetooth speaker, but only sold 28 pieces. In addition Quirky blindly into too many vertical areas. For example, Wink is a wholly owned smart home Quirky projects, including cloud services storage security architecture, hardware product design, Quirky ambitions can be seen. Eventually, Quirky burned all the money and filed for bankruptcy in September. It struggled to change its business model after several rounds of layoffs, and eventually sold $1500 to Wink home business, which CEO had retired in August.


$185 million. From Andriessen ·, GE, RREVentures, Norwest.


traditional business in general after several grinding, the development of a favorite product, but the Quirky model violates this rule, despite the invention, little improvement. And there is no gravity, business clutter. What to do, but can not achieve the ultimate.

Homejoy: died of customer retention rate of

Homejoy is in accordance with the shared economic model to provide housekeeping service company, is also the first odd economy (Gigeconomy) company, Homejoy is providing low-cost cleaning services.

cause of death:

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