began to do network marketing, Taobao is triggered, and two years ago to work in Hangzhou, do not know how to open shop Taobao slowly warm up, while every day dream of one day to earn enough money to make their own shop, free and see who was not a matchmaker, but the old days not to face, has not created the land of their own, can not dominate my dream of freedom like imagination, 08 years after the economic crisis is to find a way to make a living in Shenzhen, from that moment and I truly do love network marketing related work.

forum marketing

shop to do a lot of free promotion, started from the forum began, it was not clear what is the forum marketing, just mechanically in the forum post – Post – top stick. Remember that you do not understand the rules, sometimes write on their mobile phone accessories wholesale contact, so are moderators ShanTie phenomenon is relatively more, then slowly understand the rule of the forum, the occasional time is serious in the forum post, post, strengthen the activities of the forum, but also get a lot of wealth value as for the effect, we do not know whether the forum brings, then we get busy, no time to investigate this. Later this free post everywhere – – way is to put the top posts in the forum saying professional marketing

There are many

forums, but you should be targeted, the effect may be very little, do mobile phone electronic industry forum, make clothes, for each big shopping portal community sector, the main hardware bearing is the major industry website, and local site condition of the time went to the local forum posting replies, do not forget to add a link to a site, add a keyword tag. You can find some signature design forum replies at the same time to advertise their. Shoot two hawks with one arrow.

to write original posts in the forum for two accounts of his top post, posting on the home page also gradually increased, information collected will be up, of course, more and more people began to pay more attention to us, so through the forum marketing, get personal promotion, also get more the promotion of products. In order to achieve the purpose of selling products, sales network is such a boring and great occupation.

blog marketing

talked about the blog I first began to learn and began to use the most is Ali blog, may be related to their profession, in school the teacher professional Alibaba always not the case, the first shop my supply is from Ali wholesale, it will have time to see Ali community forum the experience of others, to see others’ blogs, not at a time will increase their confidence to do the shop, so slowly began to work in the Internet, see more write of what kind of posts on the front page can be, what kind of research questions can be more attractive and more attention on what kind of post is converse demand, so Ali in the write post, in my experience on marketing positioning, positioning in customer demand, to communicate with each other as the leading.