"forced" appeared, the whole network circle or very moved, when you can’t stand the literary young hypocritical, and do not want to associate with the network of small young cynic, always want to find a new way to force the grid.


history of Chinese characters called seeking, in the network world, is probably this: always be different with others is their own unique.

marketing industry, in addition to suction eye, also always have a different, specific steering force spirit, in each specific time the problem is, why have forced the trend of LOW


what is the marketing climate for us?

We speak of

under the recently popular, the future will continue to promote a popular bar: push.

mobile APP prevailed, with the mobile Internet wind becomes increasingly booming, the promotion of APP with online resources can not be satisfied to the next line, push, suddenly the wind and floating up.

in order to seize this moment "new market", marketers of various strategies, suction eye means played together.

from the target population to flow to the selection of local, setting the scene, from the crowd of mood, residence time and grasp the attention of the crowd control and so on, all affect the "push" role.

marketing strategy can be said to still need very meticulous planning, but some people love simple and crude, more than a dozen beauty row, wearing explicit, sensitive position in the scan code what beauty of the body……

suction eye effect since Needless to say, but this marketing to users and how many users? How accurate


event marketing.

for suction eye, for it, or to love everyone, suction eye, some gimmick, with a sense of resentment can bring people the best events, like stepping on the cat, such as a man in a brand mobile phone conference fell into the puddle……

a lot of artificial event marketing, no boundaries, no moral bottom line, but everything is in order to popularity, in order to promote the popularity of the heat, this so-called rare marketing.

said, people’s memories are very poor, as long as there is a huge public relations team, even some malignant marketing tools are not what happened, it is important to flow, is important, it is important to heat suction eye.

low and marketing force seems marketing strategists are provocative, but on the other hand, if not the people not to pursue: not to pursue, not to pursue the copycat plagiarism, not only for LOW, just look at the joke funny than the only one and the only one…… And brought so fast boost


feelings or forced grid, the emergence of their own in order to better marketing heritage, but why are you finished >