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first statement is soft, their own in recent years accumulated some real experience! Smart interested can look at, think it is boasting a lie, I do not bother to explain different views of


website webmaster, most concerned about is how to promote, only the successful promotion, let everyone know that you stand, access to high, can talk about what other developments include profit! So how to promote the most attention became the webmaster! About the promotion of every webmaster have their own experience, there are many ways, but for many others website promotion is not necessarily suitable for your station. So together, we generally know that the promotion model is more popular on the following several:

one is to rely on Baidu: but Baidu keyword competition fierce, and easy to be K, in short, need more technical. Buy keywords is not suitable for the promotion of some of the station, so Baidu for most station webmaster or

can not climb away!

two is to spend promotion: for example, the mom model, we can spend some money that you can afford to choose the Ali Mama advertising, etc. have a certain effect, then it flow conversion advertising to attract over IP by Ali mother sold, this way is a website can speed up their development, also can earn two some difference! But how to choose the right and how can advertisers put their traffic and sell this is also a problem to obtain a certain profit. Generally do not go through a long time after the trial, it should be harvested little,

three is everywhere to send links: the text or use some software to send advertising promotion everywhere, attract and promote their own station, but it is very hard, the effect is not very good! So general webmaster can’t stand

I am a housewife, do not know what computer technology, do stand a few years and even how to upload FTP do not know! So let alone understand what optimization, understand how to set the key words to Baidu attracted a lot of traffic. For so many years, he never rely on Baidu, Baidu also never mind whether I? Can I bring much traffic! Don’t love to spend money on advertising, and then put their own station flow do again to sell ads! I do stand a few years, never took a penny of the cost of advertising, the website every day at least IP is maintained at about twenty thousand of the twenty thousand IP can make a lot of money, I was too lazy to disclose! But I think at least they very satisfied! A lot of friends for my promotion mode has been very interested in, I hope I can share! A time is busy, two is lazy, three is a an explanation of trouble. Today by this opportunity to talk about my model, I hope to be helpful to some new webmaster friends!

I am a forum, said to be the forum, but the fear of trouble so close the members to participate in the function, every day to update some of their favorite things. Then put these better paste by fanchon mode promotion to banner network. Banner network is a comprehensive web site, the main model is to collect the hottest day of the hottest new web site posted the first time presented to everyone, let others open him >