they are becoming the main workplace and consumption.


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over the years, the competition is inseparable from a simple argument: our products better.

now, this is not enough.

with the millennial generation become the main force of the consumer, a product is how to produce, whether with production morals, is sustainable, and so on is not worried in the parents’ generation where the problem becomes more and more important.

"but brand needs not only on this issue in a different way to impress the millennial generation," the Walton school postdoctoral marketing research project specialist Cesareo (Ludovica Cesareo) think so. She presided over an expert discussion at the recent Walton marketing conference. Cesareo said that the study shows that this demographic behavior and attitude change can be attributed to the era of a highly developed technology, globalization and economic destruction". She also said that millennials want to touch more things, not to have. In addition, they are very sensitive to the price; they live online, online purchase, they are very focused on authenticity.

although these views may be controversial, there is no doubt that it is important to study the millennials. Cesareo said that the United States has a population of 92 million millennials, is one of the largest generation in history. Not only that, millennials have entered the golden age of work and consumption, so their influence on the economy is enormous."

enhance brand temperament

Unilever brand assistant manager Catherine · Zhao (Catherine Chao) responsible for the operation of ice cream brand Breyers. She pointed out that the "do the right thing" to create a responsible tone to the brand to attract the attention of young consumers. Millennials are "eager for a purposeful life", including a brand that supports their own temperament.

Cesareo asked members of the discussion group, if so, how the brand in social, cultural or environmental issues to win the trust of consumers

Mars chocolate North American branch of the senior brand director Cavanaugh (Kerry Cavanaugh) believes that a lot of evidence…… To say is one thing, to be true is another." He said that Mars’s Dove chocolate began this year to promote their purchase of coffee beans from Africa and baked. The brand also helps improve the education level of the local community in africa. "We found that if you were to say it at a press conference, no one was going to eat it. But if you put the point in the short film and put it on your website, people suddenly believe you