"erotic anchor, I want to report!" this is the game Betta live often see a word, since the second ring tour, occasionally watch others play Lu, also comfort myself. I contacted the network game a little late, is a high school after the end of the University, it is precisely the 2009 summer vacation.

when there is no basis to play CF, because CF can rely on money to buy weapons and equipment technology to improve the game, playing very no confidence, no money to invest in many plug-ins, so give up, and then play Lu, the fire can not fire the competitive game again.


game world of pleasure and sense of achievement, really addictive, have to mention is that China game influence, game has not been exceeded, that is: the legend is, although I have not played, but then often hear about the students. The legend of the heat like Lu, the legend of the game was full of world atmosphere, then 80, is just depressing a generation game for the huge vent space.

said so much when it comes to the theme, the legend of the brilliant, changed Chen Tianqiao, also changed the course of the Internet, online games and even China. So, Chen is the protagonist today. However, the grand decline, then red to purple, after all, did not escape the fetters of fate.


2004 is the year of China’s Internet, Tencent, TOM, air network and other 11 Internet companies landed overseas capital markets this year. However, the other 10 IPO companies together, the impact is not comparable to the same year listed another enterprise – shanda. So, in ten years, he is how to become weak from Sheng, the middle is not a grand transformation of what is the reason for the failure, after reading, you will feel that Chen Tianqiao, who had broken the cattle, there is the story of cattle break.

first look at the grand group in January 14, 2016 published content:

Shanda group was completed in November 25, 2014 to sell all the shares held by Shanda Games (Shanda), that is no longer held Shanda Shanda shares of any company. Since the date of the sale of Shanda’s internal and external affairs, including shareholders’ equity disputes, etc., are unrelated to the Royal group. Shanda group authorized the use of Shanda’s grand game trademark also expires in December 31, 2016. Thanks to the community for the grand group has been the support and love, we will be fully transformed into the world’s leading investment group’s goal and continue to work hard.

the following excerpt, adapted from Chen Guang’s "empire day: generation of richest man why retired


1, then Chen who is


Chen Tianqiao was born in 1973, graduated from the Fudan University Department of economics, school league >