moving company how to do network marketing promotion

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network is more and more developed, the moving company’s website is more and more, but the moving company how to do marketing promotion? This is worth us to explore and research! A few days ago with the Shanghai Johnson Trackbacks Transport Company Limited ( chat, discuss and study the moving company network marketing


new leaf marketing staff believes that a company to do a website after the most important issue is marketing. Otherwise it will be difficult for customers to continue to call call in and orders signed.

we all know that the site is good, then the site’s internal optimization also began to do, the article also try to update the original every day. Integrated industry promotion methods and experience, we summed up the moving company’s website promotion methods are as follows:

1, Alibaba and other industry stations landing release. This is a traditional industry must be done in general, under the login of many well-known business website and publish the enterprise product information can increase the visibility of the enterprise, moving company can also start from this.

2, the blog registration and publish blog, such as Sina NetEase blog blog with dispatch blog this blog is now 3 domestic blog of the highest weight is generally 1 hours will be able to publish original articles included. And this year has just launched micro-blog if you can still have a good operation of the user’s fans.

3, forum post. The traditional forum propaganda is still effective, can in the relevant industry and product sales of the regional forum post post content not too has the advertisement can post natural to join in the middle product introduction can’t take site or enterprise long-term focus on the brand.

4, Links exchange many enterprises is not necessarily stand Links this section of the studio think it is very necessary to column 1 to the construction and related can no competition with other enterprises to establish a certain relationship between the 2 is very friendly to the long-term stability of the link search engine.

5, soft release: if the copy writers and contributors hidden company can write some related products to the portals, this effect is very good.

6, QQ group promotion in the QQ registration number to join a few groups do not enter a group on the advertising will be kicked out of the group of natural or just a little bit more targeted traffic.

7, Baidu advertising and fees for if the company more capital can consider industry in portal or related areas of the site on the picture or pop-up ads; and for Baidu PPC as long as the money effect is some key words set.

8, local media and website publicity everyone know that moving belongs to service industry, so it can be more influential in local website advertising, can also cooperate with the media and television into >