Tianyin holdings announced yesterday evening, the company’s internal and in-depth discussion on the transaction negotiation, the company intends to use its own funds invested a part of the subscription of the capital of the Meizu Meizu and hold 0.655% stake, the total investment of 200 million yuan. This means that the latest valuation of 30 billion 500 million yuan meizu.


According to the

announcement telling holding four investors, the investment of new capital from Meizu, besides telling holdings, including Shanghai Xiu Tong Investment Management Center (limited partnership), Branch source (Pingtan) equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), Karamay bingshen macro non equity investment limited partnership, the three companies is expected to be held in 0.657% and 0.393%, Meizu capital 1.213% shares.


according to the proportion of the above four capital institutions, the capital increase of 891 million yuan meizu. After the completion of the transaction, Huang Zhang (Huang Xiuzhang) holdings were diluted to 51.959%, is still an absolute holding company, and Ali (Hangzhou charm cast Information Technology Co., Ltd.) was diluted to 28.828%.

February 9, 2015, Meizu technology jointly announced with Alibaba, Alibaba will invest $590 million meizu.

according to the latest valuation and the proportion of Ali stake in Ali, the valuation of the shares held by Ali is 8 billion 800 million yuan (about $1 billion 300 million). Compared to the original $590 million investment, has earned a return of 120.3% of the book.

Tianyin holdings also announced Meizu last year revenue of 16 billion 800 million yuan, a net loss of 1 billion 37 million yuan; the first half of this year, Meizu revenue 7 billion yuan, a net loss of 304 million yuan.



losses are more serious than other mobile phone manufacturers to hammer technology, according to the Chengdu science and technology nibilu September 19th disclosure, the investment of 30 million yuan shares accounted for 1.13% of the hammer technology in 2015 net loss of 460 million yuan, 190 million yuan loss in the first half of 2016. But at the same time, can not be ignored is that Meizu in mobile phone sales far more than hammer.

is reported that Meizu was founded in 2003, was committed to the development of high-quality MP3 products at the beginning of the creation, the creation of a number of MP3 in the history of the first, is a representative of the domestic MP3 high quality. The highly concise strategy, from 2003 to 2006 to withdraw from the MP3 industry, only the launch of the M3, M6, E6 and other products, with almost no advertising situation, has made the first brand dream, the player can let Meizu in domestic famous publication.

2007, Meizu abandoned the MP3 business, the development of smart phones to the internet. >