network marketing is the most important part of e-commerce. How to be a good network marketing personnel, according to my keenly aware of I probably summed up, several points:

1 good ideas

is now the era of knowledge explosion, we have to accept more knowledge and different ideas, good ideas in this era is particularly important. So we need to have a good network marketing staff. It’s hard to be successful in the present era without its own uniqueness. The idea here is also a new idea, a new idea. In order to better attract the attention of others, and thus expand their business channels and sales.

2 good computer, network knowledge base.

computers are the tools we need now. The level of your computer knowledge, will directly affect your development in this line. It is hard to imagine, if you will not be the basic operation, not the basic HTML language, not the basic image processing. How do you come to the site, how to make their own unique style. Of course, many young people are computer experts, this is not much to say.

3 good writing ability

you do publicity on the Internet, at least you want to explain the product clearly, it is best to let people read your text propaganda have the desire to buy your product. This text level is of course better, when you write text, may be particularly important. It is likely that your article will bring you a good profit Oh!

4 good data collection ability.

your performance is good or bad, directly and how much of your customers, how can there be a lot of customers? Your information to more, this depends on your ability to collect and collate information. No big customer resources is not enough. Here I would like to emphasize is to be accurate, I also collected a lot of information on the Internet, but the hair is no effect. So the customer is the most important. As marketers have to be patient, to sort out slowly.

5 good service consciousness.

with customers, we also need to provide services. Otherwise it is a customer, may not be the future. Provide good follow-up services to better maintain their customer resources. Otherwise, I will always be a long, very tired of the marketing staff.

with these capabilities you can better in the development of network marketing on this road. All of these may be known. I just write it out and share it with you. There is not right, not the whole place also hope to criticize.

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