Xu Guoping’s blog "to improve website traffic management" mushroom cheats in an article, Xu Guoping and the webmaster share how to use mushroom management station do the ultimate idea, warn the webmaster, don’t put the effort spent on the search engine, Links, visitors too little on the issue, a lot of good reference to the site, to learn the essence, to its dregs. Do the station must fight a protracted war, through the "mushroom", will enhance the flow smoothly done or easily solved! Whether it is personal site, or enterprise site, can not be separated from people. A person can not do a very personal website features, perhaps you less art, perhaps you less technology, perhaps you less editing…… So the webmaster to learn to find collaborators, because only have a good team cooperation, in order to really do a good site, and the law of Washington can give us some enlightenment.