wrote an article on the use of bookmarks to promote the site’s specific strategy, this is to do some of my bookmarks to share some experience to share with you. Lucky to be pushed to the A5 home page, but also very fortunate to have written a barge on the use of bookmarks to promote the site’s specific strategy, the article. Start to laugh, because the promotion is different views, one thousand people have one thousand Hamlett, have different views is normal, but some things seem to say too little. The author takes two months to make bookmarks experience can judge the Google and QQ bookmark useless, with their own experience is not to deny the authority to experience a lot of facts but is really a bit misleading. Again, the use of QQ and Google Bookmarks:

one, Google bookmarks only internal use

means that Google bookmarks can I see collectors, who is right and who is wrong with two figure out compare to know.


here choose to search for the word SEO:


please note that the star is my own collection, the other is the collection of others. The left side of the marked Public lists, my lists. do not understand English, then you can go to nursery school tutorial.

Google bookmarks usage in 2007 has been ranked first in the world, can not imagine such a large group of users can not bring traffic.

two, the foreign chain to increase useless

since it is not closed, then the chain from the point of view, because Google bookmarks are used internally, no matter how you add, you add too much, Baidu and Google will not be included." That is not a natural. Google bookmarks on the role of the chain is not clear, this method has been used by the majority of the promotion of staff and never abandoned, there must be its own role.

three, QQ bookmarks have been abandoned

may be due to the misunderstanding of the recent QQ bookmarks are being upgraded, there is no amount of official news that Tencent has given up bookmarks. Home page is also recommended that the bookmark is a huge number, not a few, how many I do not know, but has been down there is no end. In particular, to remind, can not be very high on the home page is very famous site, collection number is not much (as shown in the following figure 90) can also be on the home page, the weight of the Tencent by how much do not need it.


QQ simultaneous online number has exceeded one hundred million, which is a huge number, QQ bookmarks rely on the huge use of QQ groups. QQ bookmark is: QQ bookmarks favorites Tencent Inc launched a free web site, can help you collect your love ", so you can.