I was in the free and awake without any organization to write this article, I turned 100 circles in the computer, they can go to the computer keyboard, that I am awake free. And I was patriotic, if that person dare to have the idea of harmony and unity of the China, I can put my extradition back from abroad www.kuatai.com network analysis to collapse of his home address, see this article. Please help me spit slobber, which flooded his hometown.

Schmidt, the text to:

I’m just chatting on the Internet, watching video (don’t download, can be directly read) there is news, the last working day of 2007, the "Regulations" management of Internet audio-visual program service finally introduced. The first eighth key in: "eighth applications in the Internet audio-visual program services, should also have the following conditions: (a) a legal person and is owned or controlled by the state, and in the three years before the application, no illegal records." Video network will be state-owned, this is not what QJ is. The video network in the end what committed towering crimes do this to him. If the video network state ownership, I am afraid it can not see, it was not broadcast, like murder occurred Steamed Buns estimate this kind of love I can not in the theme of the tricky video out. Do official jargon word, mainstream, no grassroots spirit inside, video network will atrophy. See the video is mainly entertainment, leisure, please rest assured that the video network to their own development, the relevant departments as long as he does not appear to monitor the content of the yellow is very violent.

I was thinking: mobile operators is not to say that you can take the number of brick package? This is part of the provisions of the state, why has not been achieved. Coal mining enterprises in more confusion, the state can be nationalized all this, I believe that coal mine accidents will not be so much. The oil of good money, not to increase, the state control of his price, his 10 billion subsidy, which is why ah? I want to see what is not bought, oil profits. Do not say, lest I sealed the title of a young cynic. I hoped that 1.31 is in smooth water, video network let him

emerge of itself and perish of itself!

(report: in my low-key creation, high-profile hype, southpaws have "reputation", but I still love to see hope, make a lot of money, marry a wife, is the original hard to fight in the creation and editing of the first to say: you have worked hard! The original writing is very difficult, so I decided to dive. Good)