network to change the world, but also change our thinking. Network marketing has become a very important part of the process of marketing, and personalized network marketing is to play a different role. Definition belongs to you, the network marketing world, perhaps we will harvest the same wonderful. Network marketing is very novel, but more important is its role.

first: "hunger is a power" – hunger marketing

hunger is a kind of motivation, let us have a special desire for something. Hunger marketing can be said that the use of such a sense of hunger, let us have a desire for something to buy. In real life, hunger marketing is becoming more and more mature, and the application of it in the field of network, which is a practical significance of innovation. In China, the network marketing hunger marketing, the most successful case is millet phone. Millet phone does not have Apple’s technology, but put customer demand in the first place, and then launched a limited purchase. Driven by the intense hunger marketing, we see the millet has its own rice, but also saw the wonderful results of the 2013 double 11 millet.

has a hunger marketing three aspects highlights, first is the early product highlights, all the attractions are released, better to let every consumer has a certain desire to better track the dynamic of the goods; secondly, let all become the selling point of consumer demand point. In life there is something essential consumer goods, for this type of goods required we will invest a certain percentage of the amount; finally, so that consumers really have the feeling of value for money, let all look forward to implement, and can better maintain the loyalty. Millet is obviously a perfect application of hunger marketing skill, also let us know the network also need the power hungry. It can be said that millet fever has a certain market factors, smart phones began to be sought after, but the hunger marketing is to let millet stand out among them, occupy the most powerful position.

second: detonated the latest hot spot – things to promote marketing

every day there are a variety of things into our vision, our eyes are filled with all kinds of big things. The use of things to hype, it can be said that this is a social hot spot, to arouse the public’s curiosity. In this era of attention is the degree of attraction, we see things to promote the role of marketing. The use of things hype, not all things can play the role and value of marketing, only for the whole of the resources to be fully adjusted to better play its value. A small, circle of friends, popularity is attractive, public attention often by the media guide, and the media are not just detonated social hot spots, it is a kind of commodity buying spree. We know that consumers tend to be a little bit blind, but this little bit of blindness is the basis for the implementation of event marketing, in this process, the media has a very important role. They have a certain guiding role for the whole event.