the Internet is just like a river, and the website promotion method is required to practice walking the lakes martial arts cheats. Here to share with you 18 more effective website promotion tips.

1, search engine optimization

through the SEO website optimization, so that the design of the site in line with the basic standards of the major search engines, in order to get a good ranking in the major search engines, in order to get a larger flow. This aspect has become the first choice for the promotion of various websites.

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2, keyword advertising

can be targeted to potential customers groups for accurate delivery, this strategy is required most of the methods of enterprise website, but to do this, not money can achieve good results, there are a lot of skills. Do this strategy, we must grasp the rate of return on investment.

Baidu 3000 yuan account, Google $100 account, easy to get started, the effect of immediate.

registered Google Adwords account

registered Baidu enterprise promotion account

3, alliance advertising

China’s online advertising alliance endless, it is estimated that there are at least a few hundred, but also the industry that there are thousands of friends. Promote the use of online advertising alliance is a good way. Network advertising alliance, the most important of the three forms of advertising: CPC (pay per click), CPA (Guide registration), CPS (guide sales).

in China, do CPC click effect is not particularly good, so the form of CPA, CPS will gradually popular, we recommend the use of the two. According to the final effect to pay, more cost-effective.

4, soft Wen promotion

soft respectively stand to the user angle, angle, station to station to the industry media angle to write and publish the promotion plan, make each soft Wen can be various websites are released, in order to achieve the best effect.

case: This article is a soft wen. Ha ha ha!

soft to write to let the user see the harvest, the title to write to attract site editor, so as to achieve the best publicity effect. A month later, you in the search engine to search the title of this article "Wang Tong: website promotion 18 tips" and then you look at the search results completely understand.

5, electronic magazine promotion

produced a monthly electronic magazine, free to send members of the e-mail, at the same time. All kinds of electronic magazine free website allows users to download free reading.

remember, the quality of the content of the electronic magazine is the key, or it will be treated as spam.

6, ebook promotion

organize related documents, make the website related topics >