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What is the search engine spiders crawl the quota

search engine spiders not to crawl more pages, give the web server down, it will set a crawl speed on a site of crawl rate limit, the upper limit, which is the upper limit server can bear, at this speed limit, crawling does not slow down the server, affect the user access.

crawl speed limit

page weight and weight is closely related to the site, improve the site weight, can make the search engine to crawl the page.

crawl demand, grab the demand, refers to the search engine "to" capture a specific website how many pages. read more


The small and medium sized enterprise station promotion personal views

1 OUT, the long tail theory, key word + precise words rise

key word is the main keywords, if Shanghai Longfeng, can make up the best course. If the author is now a remote parking lock factory service, the core words even if the remote parking lock, every day through the word brings IP is fairly impressive. However, if the competition is too big, a short time is difficult to make up, then the extension staff will focus on precise words.

2, sometimes the Shanghai dragon is a joke

Summary: small and medium-sized enterprise read more


About love Shanghai super chain cheating algorithm upgrade arrives and webmaster love Shanghai

to talk in the end love Shanghai and webmaster to reflect! Hope can love Shanghai Fair for innovation services, provide the most awesome search for users. The webmaster website is to provide something of value to the users to browse, love Shanghai keywords ranking, as with the reputation of good.

feeds: Global Alliance 贵族宝贝qqwzlm贵族宝贝 A5 Wangzhuan Adsense nets start, in order to stationmaster interest and support in the sea of new Shanghai Longfeng initiatives, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source read more


China Shanghai Longfeng not do frogs

most people can not stand the new Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon boring, Shanghai dragon is very bitter process actually very lonely, you are not dealing with people, data, website, is "

call the wolf, Shanghai dragon is very bitter very lonely

limited outlook I use this idiom to describe, now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people’s way of thinking, people are not outside the chain of Shanghai dragon machine, Shanghai dragon is not to write text writer, we are Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon may be our own level is limited, the reason is our own behind closed doors in the "well" in. Shanghai dragon needs development, search engines also need to open, do frogs will let you see a broader sky, Knowledge is infinite., someone outside the person. Shanghai dragon is certainly not the chain, write soft so simple, there are many things worth learning, we are as follows, the bird and frog dialogue. read more


ncrease the effective method of reverse link sharing site

4. W3C Link Checker

The death of

6. URL Checker

2. Broken Link Checker

7. Linktiger

5. Site Link Analyzer

Linktiger is a reliable Aler service chain website bad, a check found that the bad chain would be directly sent to the mailbox.

, in short, is normal, then the link failure. The chain transmission request, the server will return to the 404 error page. As a webmaster or site administrator, there are wary of death, because it will directly affect the amount of authority of a web site, thus affecting the website ranking and optimization. Perfect enterprise website must start from the details. Website optimization, we should start out dead link read more


Love attention Shanghai fight outside the chain to avoid the construction of the soft chain risk

Popular chain

promotion of soft Wen is the site most as a marketing way to save money, but also because of money, so many sites in the content of the website promotion, construction often ignore the advertorial content, basically using the copy and paste mode, release to the relevant source of the news website, some also released to the classification of web pages. Copy and paste these crazy behavior has produced negative influence is huge to the Internet information quality, this love Shanghai on the one hand, stepping up to the promotion of soft outside the chain to blow, on the other hand is to improve the quality of love Shanghai grab information, so love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm began to appear, and in a very short period of time, it to complete the update, it is unprecedented. read more


Crack love Shanghai intimate search in the mystery of related enterprises

first, show the company related enterprises have made love Shanghai encyclopedia. The authority of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, there is no doubt that I love Shanghai to determine whether an enterprise is recommended, Wikipedia is the best basis. Students, pay close attention to the name of the Create Company at

summary: entry classification of enterprises is the important standard related encyclopedia. To make a comprehensive judgment of semantic analysis,

today launched the "love Shanghai intimate search" on the left side and increases its enterprises, software, website and other relevant information. In fact, in the very early days, love Shanghai in the right to add others also search the search results, only for network practitioners, is recommended in related industries, so the impact is not to. read more


Buy links to improve website rankings have much effect

1. don’t choose to buy the black chain, buy black chain it is possible to make your website "forever".

2. to buy outbound links below 30.

recently often received some novice webmaster friends: buy links can really improve website rankings? Buy links will make the site was K? How much buy links to our website ranking function, can improve the site ranking, where today who are from their own point of view to share the webmaster friends, if friends say the wrong or not suitable for the local welcome criticism exchange. read more


Don’t rely on site to build backlinks or forum on the soft Wen

recently due to busy work, not too much time, probably because of too lazy to write text, so I want to take some shortcuts, every night in the forum reprint posts, the posts included in the search engine is also very good, but for the role of the ranking not what help, instead of ranking also fell, I feel the love of Shanghai is now at the forum signature, the more you do, the more low he thinks of you, a few days ago at the forum, many people say, not a lot of posting in the forum, it is easy to be love Shanghai right down, to make the original, I said, no, as long as the reverse link is included and increased yes, it seems to love Shanghai original requirements more and more high, you should also note that I said the text contrast the benefits and disadvantages of promotion forum. read more


Beautiful said the highest level of Shanghai dragon is to create Er keywords

Few people do not know the teacher Cardiff Shanghai dragon why forum

Keywords: Shanghai dragon WHY

Key words: admin5

needless to say, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er is basically every day on the website, see the article on A5, writing articles for publication. Before Admin5 this keyword is certainly no one would search, but now the Shanghai index has > love

domestic Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon why the words love index in Shanghai, although there is no "beautiful" so horrible, but love Shanghai index is based on the search volume every day to love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon teacher Cardiff ranked in the why forum the words "Shanghai dragon" love in Shanghai has been in the top, and can keep a few years. Shanghai dragon Er all know it is difficult to stabilize rankings, especially in the more competitive keywords. "Beauty" is so high the love Shanghai index, the author believes that it is related to the recent "speculation". Related news Shanghai news yisou love sky ah, but the words of love in Shanghai index should also fall down. read more